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Darwin 2 Darwin 2 HOT

This is an updated version of DARWIN which has been very kindly sent to us by Gary Joehlin, with the agreement of his employer Sallie Mae Inc. Naturally we would like to thank both Gary and Sallie Mae for allowing us all to share in these improvements. The original Darwin code has been updated by Gary to support the following improvements:

  1. Corrected DSNTIAR message truncation - When an SQLCODE other than +0 or +100 was encountered, Darwin truncated the output of DSNTIAR which made diagnosing SQLCODEs such as -904 more difficult.
  2. Changed support of the size of the SQL statement from 32K to 2Gb -This will require a current COBOL compiler (to support the SQL TYPE IS CLOB) and a DB2 version that supports the 2Gb SQL statement size.
  3. Modified the code to support DECIMAL(31) data type - This will require a change in your COBOL Compiler parameter list to include “ARITH(EXTEND)”.


Size32.5 KB
Language English
AuthorGary Joehlin (Sallie Mae Inc.)
Created byMark Turner
Changed byMark Turner


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