• DB2 30th Anniversary Meeting in London

  • GSE Conference 2014 at Whittlebury

  • GSE Conference Dinner 2014 at Whittlebury

Subject to demand we will hold "commercial breaks" during the lunch break of our regular DB2 User Group meetings which Delegates can attend or not as they wish. 

Each session will be limited to 15 minutes (strictly enforced), starting 20 minutes and 40 minutes after the start of the lunch hour. These sessions should be agreed with the Chairman beforehand and will be included in the agenda. The slots are open to product Vendors and Consultancy organisations. They can be used for product or service related information, unlike our regular agenda slots, subject to the guidelines below.

The brief informal 'Productwatch' updates during the News and Introduction session at the beginning of each meeting will still be available.

Our rules which ban product information being delivered during main agenda sessions will remain, although this rule is at the discretion of members, and could be changed in the future if the group as a whole decides to do so.

To request a slot

Any organisation wishing to request a slot should email the chairman with a brief description of the organisation and topic that you want to cover. We will endeavor to keep the list in first come first served order, but this has to be balanced against other vendors and the degree of relevance of the offerings to the members of the group. We will keep a list of all requests and attempt to be as transparent as possible.

Vendor guidelines

When presenting please observe the following guidelines:

  • Stick strictly to the 15 minute time limit. Over-running would be to the detriment of the following vendor or main agenda slot and will not be permitted.
  • Stick to technical issues, do not discuss prices.
  • Do not draw comparisons with competitor products. Comparisons with "vanilla DB2" are allowed. However, in the case of a utility, for example, comparisons with other vendors utility speed or any chargeable utilities from IBM are not be allowed.

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